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A no-code, no-bloat landing page builder for small teams, marketers and indie makers.

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Go landing pages is a new and exciting way to use your time wisely, and focus on education, and building up traction.

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Tweak your messaging blazingly fast

No code

Build pages without writing a single line of code

Track results

See basic results using our simple dashboard UI

Minimalist design

Mobile-optimized template with color customization

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Export your customer data as CSV

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"Without all the bloat that Mailchimp comes with ... I would use it every time"


Fergus / Indie Hacker user

Creating landing pages is painful

Instead of creating your own landing pages from scratch, and losing precious time, focus on what matters most: the content. Build your page in minutes using our ready-made template.

Achieve your goals quickly

✅ Get subscribers for your newsletter

✅ Build an audience

✅ Announce an upcoming launch

✅ Let customers book a call

✅ Create a webinar registration page

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